Our Story


As a second-generation JEWELER, I was fascinated right from my childhood by the world of jewels and the power they possess. After completing my master’s in international business in France, I had the opportunity to work for CHRISTIAN DIOR. I was struck by the beauty of the Dior VIII Grand Bal watch collection. Its precise channel setting of exquisite colored gemstones inspired me to come back to Jaipur to create my own jewelry line.


Art, culture and color all come together to inspire our jewelry pieces, where hues of colored gemstones dictate the movement of the eye. 





We always like to use traditional materials associated with fine jewelry: eighteen-karat gold, fine quality diamonds and gemstones. However, we don’t limit our choice of gemstones to emeralds, rubies and sapphires. Lustrous semiprecious gemstones, like Amethysts, Multicolor  Tourmalines, Aquamarines, Garnets and more, are unique. Omnipresent in all the pieces are diamonds, which add sparkle and sophistication to the colored stones.


Vaibhav Dhadda was brought up in the city of gemstones, so Jaipur is a major influence in our jewelry. Jaipur has a rich heritage of renowned gemstone cutters. We preserve this heritage by using traditional gemstone-cutting techniques in our contemporary creations. Every piece is cut and set by hand. Channel setting tapered baguettes is a feat of engineering and art.




Designer’s FAVOURITE

That would be our Twilight Earrings – modern impressionist earrings that evoke the colors, energy and light at sunset. They are illustrated with a vibrant variety of beautiful gemstones, hand selected and arranged with multidimensional angles to catch and refract light. The set sun is depicted by the vibrant citrine Cabochon sitting at the center, with Citrine and Blue Topaz, tapered baguettes depicting the lit sky. The onset of dawn is depicted by the London blue topaz baguette, along with diamonds (stars) on the dangle. The Moonstone is surrounded by the starry night of Blue Sapphires and diamonds. These earrings can also be detached and worn as studs.