“What truly matters is the people you deal with rather than the size of the deal itself.

~ Jaideep Dhadda

(Father of Vaibhav Dhadda)

Meet Vaibhav

Vaibhav Dhadda, a Jaipur-based designer, developed a profound passion for jewelry that stemmed from his upbringing as a second-generation jeweler in the city known for its magnificent gems. His designs are a labour of love, primarily focused on tapered baguettes and gemstone carvings that boast a myriad of colour gradients.

The Journey

As a graduate of Shri Ram College of Commerce (India’s premier institute), Vaibhav’s academic pursuits veered towards the world of luxury, culminating in a Master's degree in International Business from the Graduate School of Business in France. During his tenure at Dior Homme, where he served as a retail store manager, Vaibhav's fascination with precision and beauty reached its zenith, catalysing the birth of his first ever Gradient collection. 

Design DNA

Drawing on a fusion of Italian-French design sensibilities and German precision, Vaibhav handpicks gemstones that transition seamlessly from deep, lustrous hues to delicate pastels, creating a harmonious symphony of colours.The Channel Setting in the Gradient Collection combines engineering and artistry, showcasing the beauty of tapered baguettes.

Gemstone Chronicles

Vaibhav’s passion extends beyond the traditional grandeur of emeralds, rubies, and sapphires to embrace the unique allure of less conventional gemstones. He finds a special charm in the lustrous appeal of topaz, the serene blues of aquamarines, the vibrant palette of multicoloured tourmalines, the golden warmth of citrines, the royal purples of amethysts, and the verdant greens of tsavorites. These gems, often overlooked in fine jewellery, are the heart of his creations.

Atelier Artistry

The atelier is situated in the heart of the Pink City, in 'Johri Bazar' (Jewelers' Market). The building, Dhadda Market, is owned by the Dhadda family, now in its fifth generation.

The Gemstones are carefully selected and calibre cut. The gemstones are then channel set, which allows the gemstones to shine and capture the light brilliantly, emphasizing their natural beauty and adding a sleek, modern touch to the design.

The Signature of Sophistication

Vaibhav's creative process is deeply intertwined with his globetrotting adventures, with each destination leaving an indelible imprint on his designs. Yet, it is the gemstones themselves that serve as his ultimate muse, pulsating with vibrant energy and endless possibilities. His collections have been featured in Forbes USA, Solitaire International Magazine, Pan Arab Luxury Magazine, & Retail Jeweller of India to name a few.

Meet Shrruti

Shrruti Dhadda is a dynamic professional who foresaw the potential of Gradient Collection and is the force behind this website. She plays a crucial role in Business Development overseeing IT, Sales, and Customer Relationship Management. As the better half of Vaibhav, she actively engages in continuous dialogue with clients and maintains direct contact with them. With a background in Computer Science Engineering and a Masters in Business Management from Aston University in Birmingham, UK, Shrruti possesses a strong educational foundation. Her work experience as a Business Analyst at Schneider Electric has honed her skills. With her expertise in analyzing business processes and identifying areas for improvement, Shrruti contributes to finding new avenues for the company's growth.

Bespoke Services

At the Vaibhav Dhadda Experience Lounge, a by-appointment boutique in Jaipur, customers are offered bespoke services to co-create a cherished piece of jewellery that reflect their style and personality.

The Experience Lounge is an exclusive space where dreams are transformed into stunning reality, one exquisite piece at a time.