Collection: Cameo Jewelry

What is a Cameo?

A cameo is a carving, done on the relief of a gemstone. Cameo Carvings feature a variety of expressions - flowers (flora), animals (fauna), mythological figures, portraits of princess, lady, romans and greeks. These hand-carved, detailed reliefs are typically set in gold or silver and used to adorn pieces of jewelry for both men and women. Our Cameo Jewelry covers Cameo pendants, Cameo necklaces, Cameo bracelets, Cameo rings, Cameo cufflinks, Cameo lapel pin and more.

Cameo jewelry is classic and timeless as once bought, can be easily passed on for generations. The possibilities in this collection are endless. While our Valentine Cameo Pendant featuring carving of a couple is set in 14 karat gold along with diamonds, the 14k gold medusa cameo pendant exhibit a display of high quality enamel. On the other hand the horse cufflinks in Sterling Silver are our bestseller in Men's Accessories section.  We also offer customised design options with loose cameos to give our customer the freedom to express even more.

If you still find can't your pick, our team at Vaibhav Dhadda Jewellery is here to help you customise the piece you are looking for!