Collection: Zodiac Chic Collection

This Signature Collection of 12 Zodiac Chic Pendants is an irresistible match of design and elegance. Set in 14K Gold, one side features a carving of these mystical signs on the relief of a Natural Agate with an exceptional level of detail. The other side unites the symbols in gold adorned with diamonds. Vaibhav Dhadda brings to life a unique craftsmanship in these series of Astrological Pendant Necklaces.

This zodiac collection is also available in 18K Gold and Sterling Silver. The Zodiac collection also has a range of Zodiac Pendants, Zodiac Earrings, Zodiac Charms, Zodiac Bracelets, Zodiac Ring and Zodiac Cufflinks. 

We also offer custom designs for other Agate Cameos. Please feel free to get in touch.