Collection: Butterfly Jewelry

Our latest collection exhibit beautiful butterfly carvings to create exquisite pieces for the women of today. Carved on natural gemstones by our expert gem carvers, the pieces are set in precious metal, along with use of diamonds and other natural gemstones like tourmalines, pearls and many more to add to the overall appeal.

The use of vibrant colours of gemstones on which the Butterfly is carved in 3D is to dedicate the pieces to different personalities of woman of today. Along with butterfly rings, butterfly pendant brooch and butterfly stud earrings are our most popular designs. 

Our Butterfly in the Garden Pendant is gorgeous exhibiting an extremely high level of craftsmanship in this pendant. With the butterfly intaglio in the middle, natural gemstones like tourmalines, garnets, citrines, peridot, amethyst, topaz and others are taper cut and channel set to perfection to present this chic multicolour pendant necklace.

Explore our world of Butterfly Jewelry, a niche in our luxury jewelry world. If you still find can't your pick, our team at Vaibhav Dhadda Jewellery is here to help you customise the piece you are looking for!