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Silver & Gold Cufflinks

Let your Cufflinks lead the talk!

Jewelry or Accessories for Men is less extravagant in variety as compared to Jewelry for Women. However, times are definitely changing now, and it is safe to say that today’s Men want more than just fashion clothing. They are now ready to explore new trends and styles in Jewelry and Accessories – and Cufflinks top the list! These pieces of Men’s Jewelry paved way with formal meetings and evening dinners (the tuxedo ensemble), but now have found its place in every man’s wardrobe, for every occasion.


What Are Cufflinks?

First off, let’s answer this question.

Cufflinks are accessories used for securing or fastening SHIRT CUFFS, particularly when wearing a formal jacket or a coat. Ranging from different styles and sizes, these are used as a fashionable alternative to buttons.

Cufflinks can be understood in three parts –

1. The front part of the Cufflink is the stylish part, which shows to the audience. It can either be as minimalist and classic or as extravagant, trendy and classic and possible.

2. The toggle is the back part of the Cufflink, serving as the locking or securing mechanism to keep the cufflink from slipping out of the buttonhole.

3. The post is the cylinder or the slender bar that connects the front part with the toggle. It is inserted through the buttonhole.

Ruby Baguette Cufflinks in 18K Gold

Amethyst Coral Cufflinks in 18K Gold

History of Cufflinks

Since the invention of shirt like items in the early 18th Century, visible areas of this clothing like Neck, Chest and Sleeves became sites of decorative elements, where the sleeves were secured with a simple ribbons or buttons.

In the early 19th Century, a highly conventional wardrobe with a formal attire of dark suit, dinner jacket and tailcoat, ruled out the option of ribbons and called for some conventional styles in cufflinks. By the mid 19th Century, modern cufflinks had become popular. Few royalties introduced precious gemstones with classic cufflink designs, by carrying them with some great deal of confidence. The development has continued since then with introduction of colours, geometrical patterns, sportier bold styles, different materials and so on.


Cufflinks Today

Today, Cufflinks can be attributed to more than just Men’s Accessories – it is a strong tool for fashion. Cufflinks now represent one personality with expressions and designs reflecting one’s taste, liking and preference. Various designers use their unique elements in designing these Cufflinks as exquisite works of art by using precious stones and metals and displaying excellent craftsmanship. Varying from bohemian choice of style to a simple classic, wearing cufflinks allows men to express themselves stylishly and creatively.


Along with watches and bracelets, cufflinks are among the few accessories that men can wear without the risk of looking ‘too flashy’. Needless to say, with cufflinks, men can subtly show off their fashion quirks and preferences with a touch of luxury and style.

Why Should You Wear Cufflinks

Yes, Cufflinks are not a necessity to secure your shirt cuff, as simple buttons do the job just fine. But, wearing these Men’s Accessories elevate your style quotient tenfolds for sure!

Style and panache – Wear those Cufflinks with pride, it not only makes you look good, it also makes you feel good!

Luxury – Just the right amount of opulence, subtle design, minimalist style and that hero gemstone sitting right at the Centre of those Cufflinks, this style will catch all eyes looking for class— as it’s the perfect little rich detail that matters.


Sophistication – Adding Cufflinks to your attire today will definitely up for sophistication and set you apart from a group of well-dressed men!

Conversation Starter – First let your Cufflinks do the talking, making it easy for you to lead the talk later!

Cufflinks are definitely an integral part of Men’s Fashion, think about it – when else can a man wear a piece of jewelry that’s both functional and ornamental?

Guilloché Cufflinks

How to Wear Cufflinks

Cufflinks styles vary in designs, size, colors and materials so they can be styled for various occasions. Be it casual or formal, wearing different Cufflink styles totally depends on the mood and choice of dressing. It can be paired with a pair of jeans and causal shirt, yes!! Cufflinks are no longer confined to a black tie event!

To make it little easier for you, we have answered a few questions which might pop in your mind, when deciding on cufflinks –

1. Which shirt requires cufflinks?

Shirt with French Cuffs or Double cuffs, designed for semi formal or formal events and which are worn with a tuxedo, are the ones you need to wear Cufflinks with. It is easier to identify French Cuff shirts as they have an extra length in the cuff, which is folded back and fastened with cufflinks.

2. Do cufflinks look good over jeans?

It is a tricky choice, but can be an excellent styling choice when chosen the right combination along with some confidence! Jeans that are dark in color, slim fit, not ripped can enhance the look of the cufflinks when worn on a plain coloured shirt. Fashion Tip – Don’t keep the look to casual!

3. Is it necessary to wear tie with cufflinks?

It is not necessary. As a matter of fact, wearing cuffs shirt and a blazer without a wearing the tie is new trend. It displays your confidence without coming across as too conventional and striving for prescribed way of wearing.

4. Does your Cufflinks need to match your shirt?

Not at all. The trick is to buy cufflinks that are dynamic in style to make sure they will go with every style of shirt you’ll wear.

To start with, you only need a pair of gold cufflinks, one pair in sterling silver or white gold, and one in color, black, red, green or blue. Other than these three classic options, you can also get ones with an unusual and lively design, depending on your style.

White as well as plain colored cuff shirts pair well with cufflinks of any colour. When you are in a dilemma about the cufflinks colour, go with the “single color” — wearing the same color of cufflinks as your shirt, but in a different tone.

5. What are the fitting occasions to wear cufflinks?

Below you will see a basic guide on types of occasions to wear different styles of cufflinks:

Business Meet: It is always a good idea to wear cufflinks when you want to impress a customer. It conveys that you take your dressing seriously and that this meeting is very important for you. The aim is to look sophisticated but not too extravagant. Hence, it is advisable to have your cufflinks chic and understated.

Dinner Events: It is justifiable to wear colored or expressive cufflinks for parties. Gemstone cufflinks in gold or sterling silver are befitting. This occasion is the best time to show off your your personality and style. Horses, Tiger, Golf, etc with bullet backs are our top favorites. Do browse through our top 10 recommendations at the bottom.

Gala & Wedding Events: Although people usually prefer to wear simple classic cufflinks during such formal occasions, you don’t have to be boring. If you opt for unique or extraordinary designs, they will surely lead the conversations at the parties if made in fine materials or craftsmanship that distinguishes from the rest.

Black Tie & Formal Events: Our exquisite diamond star cufflinks is the favourite cufflinks for black tie events. One doesn’t need to match the Tuxedo shirt’s studs with the cufflinks. You can always wear your personality.


Our Cufflinks Collection

Apart from the products above, our Cufflinks collection is vast. With a style to suit every expression and personality, each pair of cufflinks is a seal of quality, uniqueness and attention to detail, carefully executed and beautifully delivered. We specialize in designing and manufacturing the finest cufflinks and luxury accessories.Take a look at our must have pieces and let your cufflinks lead the conversation.

Our Top 10 Favourite Cameo Cufflinks

1. Carved Horse Gold Cufflinks – Ride more, worry less with these hand-carved horse in agate gemstone cufflinks set in 18K Yellow Gold. Our horse cameos are intricately hand carved on the relief of a natural agate gemstone. These exquisite unisex cufflinks pair of contemporary horse cameo carving cufflinks made 18k yellow gold is a delight for the modern man or woman of today exhibiting high level of detailing. *gemstone size is 18x13mm round

2. Yin Yang Cameo Cufflinks in Sterling Silver – Yin and Yang ( “dark-bright”, “negative-positive”) is a Chinese concept of dualism, describing how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another. Our Yin Yang intaglio gemstone in 14mm round is exquisitely carved on the relief of a natural agate gemstone. Made in 18K White Gold, these pair of cufflinks exhibits the beliefs of the wearer.

3. Royal Fleur de Lis Cufflinks in Sterling Silver – Royal symbol fleur-de-lis agate carving sterling silver gemstone cufflinks are one of the most attractive pieces for men’s accessories. This symbol of unity depicting that our lives are tied together with eternal Love is captured by an intricate technique of hand carving on the relief of a natural agate gemstone. These exquisite unisex cufflinks pair of contemporary fleur-de-lis cameo carving cufflinks made in sterling silver is a delight for the modern man or woman of today exhibiting high level of detailing.

4. Sterling Silver Carved Golf Cufflinks – “The most important shot in golf is the next one”. Golf cufflinks are exclusively crafted for the delight of all those golf lovers. It celebrates the game of mind and character. Carved with a detailed act of the play, these stunning golf cufflinks in sterling silver an ideal gift for any occasion. A perfect fit to the men’s accessory, these cufflinks exhibit high level of detailing and german craftsmanship.

5. Contemporary Cufflinks in 18k Rose Gold – These exquisite pair of contemporary design agate gemstone carving cufflinks made in rose gold is delight for the wearer! Hand carved in the relief of a natural agate these unisex cufflinks are a contemporary expression for the modern man or woman of today exhibiting high level of detailing. Gemstone size is 16x16mm round and the total diameter is 19×19 mm round.

6. Exquisite Star Sterling Silver Cufflinks – Star Diamond Cufflinks in 18k white gold are carved in natural agate gemstone. The cufflinks are very stylish and sure to make an impression!!

7. Three Wise Monkeys Gold Cufflinks- Three wise monkey carved cufflinks in 18k gold is a bold way to express your beliefs in the Japanese maxim- “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. It was later adopted by Mahatma Gandhi during his campaign for freedom struggle movement of India.


8. Capricorn Zodiac Cufflinks in 18k Gold – Capricorn Zodiac Cufflinks in 18k Gold- Zodiacs jewelry have emerged as the biggest trend worldwide. Here, we have the lovely pair of Capricorn cufflinks carved on the relief of a natural agate. We have the whole range of cufflinks and sun-sign jewelry for the zodiac lovers!

9. Hand-Carved Tiger Cufflinks- Tiger Cufflinks in Sterling Silver can also be made in gold on order. The tiger carving is simply superb. Show your passion for this beautiful animal and the spirit of tiger in you!

10. “Spirit of Travel” Yatch Cufflinks – One thing we all have badly missed during covid pandemic is our freedom to travel. We are all looking forward to the vaccine and make travel plans thereafter. These sterling silver cufflinks capture that spirit of travel in all of us! It surely will be not only a conversation starter but will lead the talk!

Please note we make cufflinks in both 18K gold and Sterling Silver in both precious and semi-precious gemstones. If you have any bespoke / custom requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

You can view our Silver Cufflinks & Gold Cufflinks collection here.


Get in touch with us to order your bespoke cufflinks today! We will make your personalized cufflinks with utmost transparency.

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