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The Gradient Collection

Gradient collection refers to a curated selection of gemstones that exhibit a seamless transition of colors, creating a captivating visual gradient. These gemstones feature a harmonious blending of hues, often transitioning from one shade to another in a smooth and artistic manner. From necklaces to bracelets, rings to earrings, gradient collection jewelry showcases the natural beauty of gemstones while highlighting the spectrum of colors found in nature.

tsavorite circle pendant and earrings
Tsavorite Gradient
Pendant | Earrings

During its early stages, the gradient design concept, rooted in art forms like painting, graphic design, and fashion, effortlessly blends colors to create captivating transitions. This approach has recently entered the realm of jewelry. The emergence of The Gradient Collection symbolizes the fusion of creative inspiration and modern craftsmanship. Jewelry artisans experimented with gradients, utilizing cutting-edge techniques for seamless color transitions. As fashion evolved, the collection gained popularity, infusing contemporary elegance and artistic flair into jewelry. Its distinct aesthetics attract those who seek jewelry that narrates stories through color and design.

pink tourmaline and green tourmaline pendant brooch


Pendants, those delicate treasures suspended close to the heart, now hold an even more enchanting secret – the mesmerizing allure of gradient design. The transition of colors in a pendant's graceful curve adds an exquisite dimension to its beauty. The gentle fusion of shades symbolizes life's continuous evolution, making each pendant not just a piece of jewelry but a statement of transformation. With quality craftsmanship and thoughtful design, our gradient pendants capture this essence flawlessly. Experience the artistry and emotion entwined in every gradient hue. Explore our Gradient Collection to discover the pendant that resonates with your journey and showcases the beauty of color transformation.

gradient design pendants
Gradient Pendants
Amethyst | Blue Topaz | Pink Tourmaline

Earrings, elegant expressions framing the face, now unveil a captivating secret – the alluring charm of gradient design. The gradual blending of hues along delicate contours adds a new dimension to their allure. The evolving colors symbolize growth and change, making each earring not just an accessory, but a testament to personal transformation. Meticulously crafted with attention to detail, our gradient earrings embody this essence effortlessly. Experience the fusion of artistry and emotion within each gradient shade. Delve into our Gradient Collection and uncover the earrings that resonate with your journey, encapsulating the beauty of evolving colors.

yellow sapphire dangle earrings
Yellow Sapphire Earrings | Explore Gradient Collection

Bracelets, the exquisite adornments encircling the wrist, now reveal a hidden enchantment – the captivating allure of gradient design. The gentle fusion of colors along the bracelet's elegant curve introduces a fresh facet to its elegance. This seamless blend symbolizes a journey of change and evolution, transforming each bracelet into a personal emblem of growth. Meticulously fashioned with impeccable craftsmanship, our gradient bracelets encapsulate this essence effortlessly. Immerse yourself in the fusion of creativity and sentiment within each gradient shade. As you explore our Gradient Collection, you'll uncover bracelets that resonate with your path, celebrating the splendor of transitioning colors. And don’t miss our blog on Tennis Bracelets, a timeless companion in the realm of elegant wristwear.

tennis bracelet
Gradient Bracelets
Tsavorite | Blue Topaz | Yellow Sapphire

Rings, as symbols of profound connections, now embrace a new dimension – the captivating allure of gradient design. The gentle interplay of colors along the ring's elegant curvature introduces a unique facet to its significance. This seamless color transition signifies growth and transformation, setting gradient rings apart as extraordinary pieces of personal expression. Discover the fusion of artistry and emotion within each gradient shade. Explore our Gradient Collection to unveil rings that resonate with your journey, encapsulating the elegance of transitioning hues.

amethyst raindrop earrings
Amethyst Gradient Earrings | Explore More

At Vaibhav Dhadda, we take pride in curating a Gradient Collection that stands apart. Our commitment to quality and artistry begins with the careful selection of gemstones. Each gemstone is meticulously handpicked, chosen for its precise hue and color saturation. This attention to detail ensures that every piece in our Gradient Collection boasts a flawless transition of colors, creating a truly mesmerizing effect. From the gentle shift of shades to the vibrant bursts of color, our handpicked gemstones lay the foundation for jewelry that's not just beautiful, but a testament to the art of color transformation.

different types of gemstone in tapered baguette cut

In our pursuit of perfection, precision is paramount. The distinctive feature of our Gradient Collection lies in the precision calibre cutting of tapered baguette gemstones. Each gemstone is meticulously shaped with precision, ensuring a flawless taper that contributes to the seamless color transition of our jewelry pieces. This intricate cutting technique adds depth and dimension to the gradient design, allowing for a harmonious flow of colors that dance gracefully across each piece. The precision calibre cutting of tapered baguettes sets our Gradient Collection apart, resulting in jewelry that exudes a level of craftsmanship and artistry that is truly exceptional.

calibre cutting of gemstones

Our precise channel settings further enhance the beauty and durability of our jewelry pieces. These settings are crafted with utmost precision, securing each gemstone in a way that highlights its brilliance while maintaining the continuity of the gradient design. At Vaibhav Dhadda, our commitment to fine craftsmanship and attention to detail shine through in every piece.

channel setting of gemstones

Recognition speak volumes about the authenticity and excellence of our Gradient Collection. Recognized by industry leaders, our collection was prominently featured on reputable platforms such as SOLITAIRE INTERNATIONAL and RETAIL JEWELLERS. These publications celebrated the innovation and artistry that define our gradient designs, reinforcing our position as a trailblazer in the world of jewelry. To delve deeper into our achievements and media coverage, explore our PRESS page
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