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About Cameo Jewelry

It is very easy to identify a Cameo Jewelry. Be it your Grandmother’s brooch in her Jewelry box or that antique necklace on the shop’s window, Cameo Jewelry definitely catches the eye, as the craft of these cameo pieces always keeps the audience captivated. Global celebrities like Rihanna and Sarah Jessica Parker have been regularly spotted adorning some beautiful cameo creations.


Cameo Jewelry has been familiar through many eras and generations as the popularity dates back centuries. To know more about history on Cameos, you may read our article - Cameos - The Art & Evolution of Expressions.

What is a Cameo?

A Cameo is a form on a relief carving – glyptography, featuring various expressions, motifs, portraits, mythological figures and even landscapes. An intricate art – a design is first engraved or carved on the relief of the material. The excess is carved away, giving layers to the design. These cameos are carved on various materials like shells, corals and nowadays most commonly on Agate Chalcedony popularly known as agate cameos.

When we think about a Cameo, Victorian cameo designs come to mind immediately. However this art has evolved so much with various motifs in the offerings. The diversity includes Flower cameos and fauna like horse carving cameos, tiger carving cameos, Ganesha carving cameos & Goddesses of different religions, Mother & Child cameos, Princess cameos, modern & contemporary cameos, Music & Dance, Sports, Zodiac carving cameos and many more.

Princess or Lady Portrait Cameos were the most popular to begin with.


Some fabulous creations using our loose cameos; Picture credit: Katerina Perez


Elegant Cufflinks Collection in Sterling Silver and Gold

Cameos are used to make various types of jewelry – both traditional and contemporary; and for both men & women. Pieces include Brooches, pins, necklace pendants, lockets, charms, earrings, rings, cufflinks, buttons, Tie Pins and many other. Cameo Accessories featuring astrological signs i.e. sun- sign cameos have now become the most popular contemporary option.

Beautiful Cameo Brooch with Enamel, Rubies and Diamonds made in 18K Gold

Our expertise on Cameos

Only a very few companies today can call themselves masters of this traditional craft. Here, we have collaborated with a renowned German Carving company. Together, we have developed an exclusive Cameo Collection combining the craftsman’s skills with modern technology.

All cameos are first carved by the hands of the master engravers. After a masterpiece is finished, popular designs can be converted into tools, which are then used in ultrasonic carving machines. By the use of this technology, we can reproduce popular designs for a reasonable price. We combine these colours with white to create two-layered cameos.

Hand Engraving of a Cameo

Natural Agate Rock

We offer Cameos in Natural Agate and other materials in more than 1000 designs. We can proudly say that our engravings are world’s best, bringing the engraved gem to life with an expressive, three-dimensional motif. Our ultrasonic engraving machines enable us to make cameos in small or large quantities, reliably and inexpensively. We welcome you to explore the world of Carvings.

Our Zodiac Cameos are one of the best ways to express one’s individual personality

Why Cameo Jewelry

“Nothing exudes art, history, beauty and power in jewelry like a cameo.”

There is resurgence in popularity of vintage jewelry styles, as people are looking for fashions of a simpler time. Cameo Jewelry, being the quintessential vintage jewelry, has been around for centuries with cycles in and out of fashion. Right Now, it is back again in fashion!

Supermodel Bella Hadid wearing vintage Cameo Earrings for a Christian Dior Halloween Ad 2019

Another paradigm shift is due to Covid-19 pandemic, it has changed the face of fashion throughout the world. People are looking for something which they can connect with, which gives them hope, a meaning. This shift calls for personalized expressions like Ancient Gods & Goddesses, Zodiac signs, Nature – different flowers and animals. All these motifs for Jewelry are easily available in cameos.

Floral motif Cameos are a symbol of feminity

Our Cameo Jewelry – Tarasha Collection

“Tarasha”…or carved…encases Cameos (three dimensional motifs on a Gemstone) bejewelled with precious stones. Each piece is a work of love with highest levels of precision and passion by very skilled carvers. The grace & charm of women, fleeting beauty of flowers, magnificence of birds & animals, symbols of romance, and other contemporary expressions all come to life in this unique cameo jewelry collection like never before.

Tarasha – Cameo Jewelry Collection is perfect for your special occasions. Be it Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthday, Anniversary , Thanksgiving or Christmas – gift your loved ones exclusive pieces from our Tarasha Collection. We can also custom design the Jewelry pieces based on your needs and specifications.

Below are a few:

1. Butterfly Stud Earrings- Hand carved two rough pieces of Natural Agate has been turned into an absolutely beautiful Butterfly Carving weighing 15.87cts. A total of 0.68cts of Sparkling Diamonds sprinkled in and around the Butterfly enhances the scintillating beauty of this a one-of-a-kind masterpiece! The intricacy of the carving is so perfect that that the more you look at it, the more it grows on you.

2. Art Deco Inspired Ruby Coral Ganesha Pendant Brooch- The intricacy of the carving in the relief of Natural Agate depicts the Lord’s magnificence of valor! Set in 18K gold, surrounded by diamonds, the channel set lustrous Burmese rubies along with corals around reflects the powerful faith showed by Goddess Parvati be any obstacle, Lord Ganesha is and always be there to take care!

3. Detachable Princess Shoulder Dusters- As a contemporary tribute to our beloved Maharani Gayatri Devi of Jaipur, these Princess Studs embodies her gracious felt presence. Encapturing the beauty are 1.12cts of Brilliant Cut Diamonds around a 9.92cts of Natural Agate, on which an elegant portrait is intricately carved. Want to feel beautiful everyday – Wear the Studs! Want to show your happier side – attach the Multicolor Rainbow Sapphire beads to it!

4. Dance of the Peacock Pendant – This extraordinary masterpiece displays the Masterful carving in the relief of the stone bringing alive the allure of the peacock. With details as fine in the feathers, this cameo is encased in Mother of pearl with sparkling diamonds, emeralds and sapphires in 18K Gold.

5. Horse Cufflinks – Ride more, worry less with these Horse cufflinks in White and Yellow Gold. Our Stylish Horse cameos are intricately hand carved on the relief of a Natural Agate Gemstone!

6. Butterfly in the Garden Earrings in 18k Gold with Hand Carved Butterfly in Natural Agate, suspended multi-color gemstones and sprinkled diamonds.


7. A treat for the Travel lovers with the compass carved on the relief of an agate gemstone encased in 18 Karat Gold.

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