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Art Deco jewelry is a style of jewelry that originated during the Art Deco movement, which flourished in the 1920s and 1930s. It is characterized by its distinctive design elements, bold geometric shapes, and a combination of modern and traditional materials. Art Deco jewelry reflects the broader cultural shifts and artistic influences of the era, including industrialization, urbanization, and fascination with ancient civilizations.

18k gold art deco emerald diamond pendant necklace

 Art Deco jewelry emerged in the early 20th century, departing from the ornate 19th-century designs. Influenced by Cubism and Futurism, it embraced geometric shapes, abstract forms, seen in clean lines. Inspiration from ancient civilizations, like King Tutankhamun's tomb, led to Egyptian motifs—pyramids, hieroglyphics, scarabs—adding exotic elegance. Cultural influences from the Far East enriched the style with intricate patterns. This era defined Art Deco's bold geometry and cultural fusion, a lasting testament to an age of innovation.
The "Roaring Twenties" was a time of big changes, and that's when Art Deco jewelry became popular. Women got more freedom, like the right to vote, and their fashion changed too. Instead of old-fashioned styles, they liked the new, sleek look of Art Deco jewelry. After a tough World War I, people wanted a fresh start and something different. Art Deco jewelry was like a symbol of hope, with its bold and creative designs. It showed that things were getting better. Just like society was changing, Art Deco jewelry showed a new way of looking at things, with its cool shapes and stylish designs.

 Geometric Artistry

 Pyramid Perfection
The pyramid shape in Art Deco jewelry draws from Egypt's allure, with the revival of Egyptology post King Tutankhamun's discovery. Symbolizing mystery, pyramids add captivating elements. Geometric purity aligns with Art Deco's bold aesthetic, conveying stability. Its modernity reflects post-WWI optimism, resonating with hopes for a brighter future. Architectural influence mirrors skyscrapers, reinforcing urban connections. Wearing pyramid-shaped Art Deco jewelry allows expressing confidence and individuality, making a bold statement against tradition.

pyramid pendants
Pyramid Pendants

Linear Aesthetics
The allure of linear designs in Art Deco jewelry lies in their fusion of timeless elegance and modern flair. They epitomize the movement's clean lines and balance, creating captivating harmony. Look no further than our stunning 'Linear Dangle Earrings.'. Their elongated form embodies streamlined Art Deco charm, making a versatile statement for any occasion. These linear designs celebrate both the era's spirit and enduring appeal

art deco pendants
Art Deco Pendants
Blue Sapphire | Ruby | Emerald

Circular Motifs
Circular designs in Art Deco jewelry embody unity and eternity, a graceful counterpoint to bold angles. Adorned with custom-cut gemstones, these motifs gain individuality and radiance. Gemstones crafted into unique shapes amplify circular allure, creating a captivating play of light and form. Our "Taper Baguette Diamond Circular Pendant" exemplifies this elegance, featuring a circular pattern adorned with meticulously chosen custom-cut gemstones.

circle pendants
Art Deco Circle Collection 

Step into the realm of legendary allure with the Cleopatra Pendant and Earrings, a testament to Vaibhav Dhadda's renowned design finesse. This famous creation channels the regal elegance of Cleopatra herself, with intricate detailing that captures the spirit of ancient royalty. Dhadda's artistic vision takes center stage in this unique ensemble, where design seamlessly meets history. Adorn yourself with the CLEOPATRA PENDANTS AND EARRINGS, and embody the iconic charm of a queen, while embracing the artistic brilliance of Vaibhav Dhadda.

Cleopatra design pendant and earrings
Citrine and Pink Tourmaline
Pendant | Earrings 

Explore the brilliance of designer Vaibhav Dhadda in the stunning D-Shaped Pendant. This unique design elegantly showcases a baguette-cut gemstone, its gradient of hues drawing the eye with enchanting allure. The pendant's modern D-shaped silhouette exudes timeless sophistication, a testament to Dhadda's artistic finesse. With meticulous attention to detail, this creation captures the essence of innovative design. Enhance your style with the D-SHAPED PENDANTS—a harmonious fusion of designer craftsmanship and captivating gradient beauty.

amethyst d shaped pendant necklace
Amethyst D Shaped Pendant 

Iconic Celebrities Wearing Art Deco Jewelry
 In a glamorous echo of Taylor Swift's style, our Natural Ruby Ring shines with exquisite allure. Evoking the much alike elegance as the iconic ruby ring she adorned, our piece features a captivating ruby that embodies passion and sophistication. Embrace the enchantment of Taylor Swift's aesthetic and make a statement with our Natural Ruby Ring—an embodiment of timeless beauty and modern charisma.

Taylor swift wearing ruby ringImage by Issue

GRETA GARBO, graced with elegant long earrings, has become a symbol of timeless allure. Embrace that same sophistication with our captivating Rainbow Dangle Earrings. Inspired by Garbo's charm, these earrings offer a contemporary take on a classic style. Vibrant gemstones cascade in a radiant rainbow, infusing each step with enchantment.

greta garbo wearing citrine pendant
Image by TheNewYorkTimes  

Much like the iconic Citrine necklace adorning  JOAN CRAWFORD, our exquisite Yellow Sapphire Pendant captures the same captivating essence. Inspired by Hollywood glamour, this pendant features a stunning yellow sapphire that radiates warmth and sophistication. Channel the spirit of Joan Crawford's style and make a statement with our Yellow Sapphire Pendant—a piece that exudes the same allure and grace.

Joan Crawford
Image by Antiquetraders 
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