Emerald Hoop Earrings

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18 karat yellow gold 8.62 carats oval zambian emeralds hoop earrings.

This enchanting lush green zambian emeralds full hoop earring is impressive. The hoop is created with 40 perfect matching oval cut emeralds of size 5x3 mm each. The emeralds take the center stage making it distinctive in its very form. The delicateness of the identically cut emeralds both inside and outside beautify the earring. The flow is evenly spread with the emeralds on both ends making it visible from all angles. The secure clip lock of the hoop adds to the safety and overall wearability of the earring. The size of the hoops is ideal for any age group. This earring design is delicate yet profound that can be worn day in and day out.

Details of the piece:
Gross Weight: 10.03 grams
Emeralds: 40 pcs - 8.62 carats
18K Gold: 8.31 grams

Note: Please feel free to drop in a message to ask any questions or for more information regarding this piece.

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