18K Gold Twilight Dangle Earrings

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Detachable 18 karat gold using citrine, blue topaz, moonstone, blue sapphire and diamond earrings. This masterpiece is truly inspired by the beautiful time when the sun sets, the day dawns and the moon lights. Capturing the very essence of this magnificent phenomenon are these one of a kind twilight earrings. The set sun is depicted by the vibrant citrine cabochon sitting at the centre, with citrine and blue topaz tapered baguettes depicting the lit sky during the hour. The onset of dawn is depicting by the london blue topaz baguette along with diamonds (stars) on the dangle. The moonstone is surrounded by the starry night of blue sapphire and diamonds. These can also be worn as detachable studs as shown in the picture. The extravagance of colours in the sky are extremely beautiful and completely puts you in awe, so does these earrings. If you like luxury with an inspired story, these earrings are perfect for you.

A modern impressionist earrings evoking the intangible colours, energy and light at sunset and starry night. Illustrated with a vibrant variety of beautiful gemstones, specially hand selected and arranged with multi-dimensional angles to catch and refract the myriad light, so to represent the emotive twilight and the starry night. Inspired by long distant evenings and beautiful starry nights, by magical travels, by the impressionist masters and by a love of gemmology. Designs to reflect the striking colours and the glow of energy sensed at Sunset in a harmonious palate of cool clear vivid hues and a golden fusion of rich warm tones.

- Gold 18.82 g (Made with best alloys)
- Diamond VVS, G/H 0.16 Carats
- Natural Gemstones: citrine cabochon, moonstone, citrine baguettes, blue topaz baguettes, blue sapphire & siamonds
- citrine Cabochon: 13.12 cts (12mm round)
- moonstone: 3.08 cts (7mm round)
- citrine & topaz Baguettes: 4.54 cts
- blue sapphire: 0.15 cts
- Earrings are detachable

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