18K Gold Blue Topaz Ruby Pendant

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18 karat gold hand carved blue topaz ruby diamond pendant necklace.

This pendant is a contemporary take on a ceremonial object of Indian culture - 'The Kalasha' - which signifies abundance, wisdom, right faith and right knowledge. It is depicted by a beautifully hand carved blue topaz with the just perfect pleasant colour weighing a total of 15.44 cts, accompanied by the lustrous marquise shaped 21 pinkish rubies. An auspicious thread is depicted here by an array of diamonds, on top and bottom of the blue topaz pot.

This pendant has been made with the faith to bring good luck to its wearer.

Gold wt: 4.09 g
Dia wt: 20 pcs - 0.12 cts
Ruby wt: 21 pcs - 1.02 cts
Blue Topaz Carving wt: 15.44 cts

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