Reversible Horse Agate Onyx Cufflinks in Gold

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Reversible gold horse carving cameo onyx cufflinks.

These exquisite pair of contemporary horse agate cameo carved cufflinks with horse shoe collet in gold is a delight for the wearer! Hand-carved in the relief of a natural agate these unisex gemstone cufflinks are a contemporary expression for the modern man or woman of today exhibiting high level of detailing. The casing is in high polish with sand blasting finish in the intaglio part of the metal. These cufflinks have a link mechanism with onyx pipes at the rear end of the cuffs. These cufflinks can also be reversed and worn, with onyx pipes on top and horse part at the back. In one cuffs, get two options - wear it either ways to keep your looks fresh and new!

So Ride your dreams as far as they will take you with these Horse cameo carving cufflinks in gold horse shoe casing!

Metal: 14 / 18 Karat Gold
Gold wt: 5.303 g
Gemstone: Natural Agate & Onyx
Agate Wt: 12.25 cts
Onyx wt: 7.78 cts
*gemstone size is 18x13mm round
*Ideal gifting option

We are proud to say that our carvings are the best in the World!! Thanks to the combination of our advanced technology and world's best german carver, we carefully engrave the upper layer, even though it may be a few millimetres thick. This delicately brings out the color of the layered stone, which is usually white.

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