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Lord Ganesha Cameo Pendant

The Story Behind

Have you ever wondered why we worship Lord Ganesha before we start something auspicious, when we want our wishes to be fulfilled, why we think about him in both our Joys and sorrows?


As the story goes, while Lord Shiva was called away, Goddess Parvati created a beautiful boy using sand and clay, called Ganesha. One day Mother Parvati asked Ganesha to guard the door while she would take bath and not let anyone enter, without any exception. Lord Shiva returned the same day and was adamant to go inside, unaware that the place was being guarded by his own child.

The boy stood protecting his mothers guard with extreme courage and bravery when the quick tempered Lord beheaded him! On learning the truth, dismayed Lord Shiva promised Goddess Parvati to bring back their son to life, replacing the head with the next living being he sees, in this case it was the elephant! And thus Lord Ganesha was reborn.

The Lord Ganesha Pendant celebrates the unconditional love and devotion the little boy had for his mother, the bravery shown to stand even against the Almighty to protect her honour. The intricacy of the carving in the relief of Natural Agate depicts the Lord’s magnificence of Valour! Set in 18K gold, the channel set lustrous Burmese rubies around reflects the powerful faith showed by Goddess Parvati be any obstacle, Lord Ganesha is and always be there to take care!

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